• 14 Sep 2021
    14:00 - 16:00

    Creating a Carbon Neutral Dublin: The Dublin Region Energy Master Plan

    Organiser: Signatories

    Please note the time given is in CET.

    Join this online event to learn where Dublin is now in relation to its energy use and emissions and the different pathways we can take towards 2050 across Dublin’s homes, businesses and transport sector to make our capital carbon-neutral by 2050.

    Presented by the Dublin Energy Agency Codema as part of Dublin Climate Action Week, this event will explore the results of the Dublin Region Energy Master Plan, which sets out how Dublin can best achieve its carbon emission reduction targets to 2030 and 2050.By joining this online event, you can learn more about:

    • What is an energy master plan?
    • Why do we need one for Dublin?
    • What are the national targets at the moment for 2030 and 2050?
    • What are the implications for Dublin of these targets?
    • What does the master plan tell us we need to do to implement these targets?
    • How can the master plan better inform us on the best solutions for each part of Dublin, such as types of renewables and areas most at risk of energy poverty
    • Small area examples - what is possible in an area and what are the barriers?
    • Preferred pathways for Dublin's vision towards 2030 and 2050.
    • The socio-economic benefits identified by the master plan, such as the creation of green jobs and improved air quality.


    These scenario analyses are modelled on the most evidence-based, realistic, and costed pathways for the Dublin region to achieve its carbon emission reduction targets to 2030 and 2050.This analyses includes all areas of energy use in the Dublin region, and is evaluated based on the various socio, economic and environmental impacts.

    The resulting scenarios will better inform citizens and will give local authority and regional level planners, architects, engineers and other policy-makers the tools to create effective, low carbon policies and make strategic decisions to influence the use of energy in Dublin.The master plan results focus on the areas where actions can be taken to introduce energy efficiency measures and reduce CO2 emissions, such as district energy systems and renewable energy technologies.

    The work on the Dublin Region Energy Master Plan has been supported by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland’s Research, Development and Demonstration (RD&D) programme. This event is being organised as part of Dublin Climate Action Week and is supporting the work of the Horzion 2020 TOMORROW project.

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    The City of Dublin is part of the Covenant of Mayors. See their signatory profile.